Tumblehome Kicks off 2013 with Kickstarter – Dr. Tan’s Supergrams

At Tumblehome Learning we are all about hands-on learning, and putting together our Kickstarter project has been an exercise in practicing what we preach. Kickstarters are just what the sound like – a way of creating excitement about and funding for a new idea. Entrepreneurs pitch an idea and set a funding goal on Kickstarter, and within a specific widow of time people can invest a lot or a little in that idea to make it a reality.

b358bd33086258687c6b8ede0889dcd0_largeWe sifted through all of the great things Tumblehome does and all of the ideas for things we want to do and came up with one that we think fits the profile of a Kickstarter project: Dr. Tan’s Supergrams. Supergrams are the next step in manipulatives – geometric puzzle pieces you can fit together in a variety of ways and then use technology to turn them into a 3-D image.

Then we went into learning mode about how to get our message out. We developed goals, built a budget, wrote a script, recruited kids, made a video and went over everything again and again to make sure we got it right. You be the judge – here’s the pitch:

“What if you could complete a simple puzzle, point your phone or iPad at it, and see a 3-D image arise right out of the puzzle? Our Dr. Tan’s Supergrams Kickstarter project will marry Tangrams, an ancient Chinese puzzle, with Augmented Reality, a cutting edge technology for creating 3-D images.”

177c3400049bec135137ba4d1096ffd1_largePenny Noyce views the process of launching Supergrams on Kickstarter as vital to Tumblehome Learning’s evolution as an education resource, explaining “it took us many months to actually choose the best project, to build a sample so people could see what we mean, and then to pull together the video.  The preparation behind us and the communication going on now are going to end up being as important as the money.” A Kickstarter project not only builds on our own excitement about what Tumblehome is doing, it allows backers to be part of the excitement of a startup for very little money. In this case, we are able to offer incentives to contributors at ever level of giving, from Tangrams and Supergram sets to custom-built Supergrams and including a person of your choice in an upcoming book.

To find out more about Supergrams and how you can be part of making it a reality click here. To find out more about Kickstarter and how it works click here.

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