Tumblehome Announces Partnership with Boston Museum of Science – Free Coronavirus Education Materials

Viral Vaccine CoverIf you are a member/friend of the Boston Museum of Science, you can be part of a beta program to test out new jointly developed ALL-FREE, ALL-DIGITAL curriculum developed by Tumblehome and MOS, in partnership with STEMNext.

The initial curriculum is a revamp of our Galactic Academy of Science series book, “The Vicious Case of the Viral Vaccine.”  Only this time, we’ve made the new version of the book all about the new coronavirus, and we’re including the latest scientific and medical discoveries as they unfold.  Through this program, you get regular installments of free e-books on a weekly basis, along with supplemental content.  Students are then encouraged to participate in weekly webinars via Zoom, where an instructor leads you through discussions about the exciting storyline and the science and engineering behind it all.   The instructor will also point you to resources and activities that you can do at home.  Lots of free supplemental materials (games, videos, downloadable card games, infographics and more) are available on our other site, tumblehomebooks at www.tumblehomebooks.org/coronadownloads. 

Tumblehome has previously engaged in a partnership with MOS through their NCTL / Engineering is Elementary program, years ago, and through sharing resources for other Museum programs, for example, the Museum’s electron micrograph exhibit (via pictures taken by Barnas Monteith of bird and dinosaur eggshells).  Not to mention, Tumblehome leaders have served as committee members on various MOS initiatives, such as their (relatively) new Hall of Human Life – which has been a wonderful success.  We been a longtime friend of the Museum, and we’re excited that this new partnership is off to a great start (with over 150 students so far signed up), and we look forward to continuing with this program for well into the future.

Visit the Museum of Science website at MOS.org and look for the membership area for more information on how you can become a MOS member.

Be sure to visit our Covid-19 page  on tumblehomebooks.org too!

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