THL Weekly Picks: Wildfires, Supercell Storms, Beavers and a THL Sale!

News and views that caught our attention, near and far.

The Planet: Fire and Rain

In Wyoming a massive supercell thunderstorm looked more like CGI than the real thing. A group of storm chasers called Basehunters caught it on video. When we visited their Facebook page we were surprised to learn that this huge storm is far from unique – you’ll be amazed to learn how many big weather events they’ve seen on the Great Plains this spring.

BoAdO9bIcAMs-SPMeanwhile, wildfires are springing up in drought-stricken areas from Arizona all the way up to Alaska. Families in Flagstaff, Arizona, San Diego, California, and Alaska’s Kenai Peninsula packed up their cars with their most valued possessions, waiting to see if the fires would come their way. Some people didn’t even have a chance to do that – a Carlsbad, CA, woman who recently won a teacher of the year award was working with her culinary arts students when she learned her apartment complex had succumbed to the wildfires. An up north in Alaska, the unusually warm and dry winter has contributed to the spreading of what is called Funny River Wildfire. Not so funny, though.

Big fires in some places, big rain in others – wouldn’t it be amazing if we could send those big rainstorms over to put out the fires?

Backyard Wildlife: More Beaver Tales

SONY DSCPeople of a certain age will under stand why we’ve named our Beaver couple Ward and June, and their little offspring The Beav. This week June has made herself available for several photo ops, but Ward and The Beav only seem to appear when the camera is inside.

THL Celebrates Mary Anning with a Special Book Kit and Combo Pack

Mary Anning discovered the first ichthyosaur and plesiosaur fossils as a girl around 200 years ago. In honor of her birthday May 21, Tumblehome Learning held a special promotion: a free dinosaur excavation kit with every copy of THE FURIOUS CASE OF THE FRAUDULENT FOSSIL sold. Mary Anning appears in the book – check out our site now  – you never know what deals you might find…

Happy Birthday Mary Anning!


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