THL, Science Literacy and Common Core / NGSS Standards

THL & Common Core / NGSSAt THL, we believe strongly in making sure that our materials are aligned to state and national educational curriculum standards, as well as preparing for new upcoming standards, such as the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) .  We believe that the Common Core and the NGSS share many common educational threads, and we try our best to intersect disciplines whenever possible in our books.

It is one of our core objectives at THL to connect STEM knowledge and literacy.  Literacy for citizenship in today’s world needs to include both numeracy and scientific literacy.  There are many gateways to student interest in STEM fields; affective connection to a field is vital.  Another main reason we focus on this objective is that time in school is short, and we as publishers, educators, policy makers, parents and otherwise advocates of learning must find more efficient ways to achieve many goals at once.  Furthermore, connecting STEM content to a memorable and exciting storyline makes the process of becoming more scientifically literate a lot of fun!

We believe that:

  • Literacy allows students choice, and choice helps create an affective connection to a topic
  • Literacy, broadly defined, is what will keep students learning throughout life
  • Finding creative ways to incorporate different literacies challenges us and keeps our teaching fresh!

Our core books are targeted toward upper elementary and middle school students and are associated with online activities, experiment/build kits, puzzles, games and other ancillary products which help students get ready for the Next Generation Science Standards Practices by:

  • Building a strong base of knowledge through content-rich texts. 
  • Asking questions and defining problems
  • Planning and carrying out investigations
  • Obtaining, evaluating and communicating information
  • Researching, synthesizing and reporting information

To view a THL-Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) Crosswalk, for our keynote Galactic Academy of Science series and other core books, click below:

NGSS and THL Crosswalk – Sample of Core Books (Adobe PDF Reader required) 

To view our THL-TERC Mixing in Math Common Core Connections (K-5) matrix, please click below:

THL-TERC Mixing in Math Common Core Alignment (Adobe PDF Reader required)

Alternately, a lower resolution version of the THL-NGSS Crosswalk is available below:


NGSS and THL Crosswalk - Sample of Core Books_Page_1NGSS and THL Crosswalk - Sample of Core Books_Page_2