THL Learning Mystery Workshops

A Tumblehome Learning Mystery Science Workshop is a 90 minute program for students in grades 4 to 6 that includes a guided book discussion and hands-on science learning activities. A copy of the book selection for each child will be delivered two weeks ahead of the event for the students to read in advance. Four workshops are currently available:

Cost For An Expert-Led Workshop:
Supplies $20 per child for 5-19 children, $17 per child for 20 children and up.  $200 for one leader for a 90-minute workshop, $300 for 2 leaders (required for 12 children and up). Author as leader is an extra $100. Travel more than fifty miles from Boston will be extra. Please inquire.
Costs for a Self-Led Workshop:
For those who prefer to run the workshops themselves, onsite or group training in running the workshops is available. Complete instructions and Youtube support will be provided.  Where possible we will also make the author available for a brief Skype visit.  Please contact for details or questions about the workshop model. We can advise you on grantwriting or admissions charges to support the workshops.”


Other options: For greater depth, sign up for three 45-minute sessions rather than a single 90-minute session. ($5 additional per child). Or sign up for more than one book event and get a discount of 10% per session. Larger groups and alternate event times can also be accommodated. Please contact for additional information and registration.


Fossil Activity Workshop

Rationale for the Tumblehome Learning approach:

By combining great stories steeped in scientific concepts with hands-on reinforcement, we aim to enhance students’ enjoyment of both reading and scientific exploration. The Common Core standards call for increased reading across the curriculum and increased non-fiction reading. Our fiction is based on strong, up-to-date science content that extends the usual school curriculum. We also introduce features of non-fiction reading with short biographical sketches of famous scientists and with scientific explanations couched in dialogue.

Our multicultural stories frame the history of science in mysteries, teach about the processes of science and invention, and invite students to identify with the role of scientist. Related hands-on activities strengthen that identification, increasing students’ motivation and their retention of science and engineering concepts.

Recent Parent Testimonial from April, 2013 “Vicious Case of the Viral Vaccine” Workshop, held at the Discovery Museum:

I just wanted to send a quick note to say that my son loved the program
yesterday afternoon.  It was a topic that was not familiar to him, but
he came home so interested and energized on the topic.  Our whole family
did the disease transmission experiment last night and he couldn’t wait
to set up his agar plate!  I even heard that he wants to become a
scientist!  We’d love to see more great programs like this, geared for
the 8-12 age group.  It was fantastic!  Thanks so much!

- Parent of a THL Workshop Participant