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SALE – Fraudulent Fossil Book & Dino Dig Kit Super Discount Combo!

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Barnas Monteith (Author), Huang Min Chun (Illustrator)

On a museum visit, Benson and Anita meet a famous paleontologist showing off his newest fossil find – a missing link between dinosaurs and birds. But something doesn’t feel right. Then a Dude from the future sends them back in time to visit an ancient Chinese scientist, dig a huge sea monster out of a cliff, and outwit a fossil thief. Benson and Anita need to root out and expose a fraudulent fossil.  This version of the book also comes with one of four dinosaur excavation kits pictured below.

Fraudulent Fossil Workshop

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In our “Fraudulent Fossil” workshop, we discuss one of the first books in the Galactic Academy of Science Series, “The Furious Case of the Fraudulent Fossil.” In this workshop, author…