WordPlay – a fun WORD CARD GAME for all ages!

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WordPlay Card GameSpecial NEW PRODUCT discount, for a limited time only.

Parents & kids can play this game together!  Because it’s up to you how you play your letters, it’s fun to play at any age.

It has been compared to the game “Scrabbble”, but it’s played with cards, and there’s no board — so it’s easy to take on trips or just throw it in your backpack and play anytime!

Wordplay combines the fun and challenge of creating new words with the high speed, card-playing dynamics of gin rummy.  Each card contains a letter; the letter is assigned a number value; some letters have higher values than others, since there are fewer of them in the deck (for example letters like z or x).  Use the cards in your hand to make new words or add to the words already created by other players. Be creative and accumulate points to win the game.

For the youngest student learning to read, Wordplay is a challenging and stimulating educational tool. Wordplay is also a perfect family and party game, and a creative challenge for mature minds. It is just the right amount of action-packed word creation and fun. Wordplay never plays the same way twice!

For ages 5 – adult, 2 – 8 players

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~5.5″ x ~4″ box containing 124 cards and directions on how to play, approx 8 ounces

WordPlay Box

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