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The Scent of Something Sneaky

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The Scent of Something SneakyThe Scent of Something Sneaky – PRE SALE

by Gail Hedrick

Accidents keep happening at the mountain bed & breakfast where fourteen-year-old Emily Sanders is working with her friend Mary. A broken step, a stinky septic tank, an invasion of bees, even a fire threaten the livelihood of the innkeeper, Mary’s grandmother. Emily suspects foul play, but only when a crashed van links drugs to the inn do her friends start to help her investigate. Soon Emily, Mary, and neighbor boy Alex are over their heads in danger. This is an exciting sequel to the NSTA/CBC award winner Something Stinks!



Chapter 1 – The Summer Begins 1
Chapter 2 – Private Stuff, Public House 7
Chapter 3 – Around Every Corner 18
Chapter 4 – Teamwork is Not Just for Football Players 26
Chapter 5 – Information Overload 37
Chapter 6 – What’s Up? 47
Chapter 7 – Not Again! 57
Chapter 8 – Mmm-Smell That? 63
Chapter 9 – One Thing after Another 69
Chapter 10 – Lazy Days of Summer? Not So Much 75
Chapter 11 – Bee Gone! 82
Chapter 12 – Hook, Line, and No Worms Needed 90
Chapter 13 – Looking from a Different Angle 102
Chapter 14 – You Found What in the Forest? 109
Chapter 15 – Uh-oh . . . 118
Chapter 16 – What Do We Know? 122
Chapter 17 – What’s Next? 125
Chapter 18 – What If? 130
Chapter 19 – Fact, or Really Bad Fiction? 137
Chapter 20 – Making Sense 143
Chapter 21 – Eyes Wide Open 154
Chapter 22 – The Plan 162
Chapter 23 – A Slight Adjustment to Plan 166
Chapter 24 – This Stinks! 173
Chapter 25 – Totally Winging It 179
Chapter 26 – No Way Out 184




 Readers Favorite 5-Star Review/Award:

“The story is a good adventure that not only dwells on the intriguing mystery at hand, but also on the characters themselves. Gail Hedrick showed the kind, compassionate side of the characters, making it difficult to guess who the good people were, especially with Emily’s suspicious mind…”


Sneaky - Gail HedrickBOOK DETAILS

AGES: 9-12



192 PAGES, 5.5 X 8


TRADE PAPER, $9.95 (US $9.95) (CA $10.99)


ISBN 9780989792486



About Gail Hedrick

Gail Hedrick is a former middle school teacher and author of the NSTA-CBC award-winning Emily Sanders mystery, Something Stinks! She lives in Bradenton, Florida.

Author Gail Hedrick (seen right) teaching a class to Virginia public school students, with incredible enthusiasm.  Gail takes her knowledge of how children respond to teaching and applies it to her writing, making her books both educational and fun!