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Seven Stories About The Moon

Seven Stories about the Moon – Book


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Product Description

Seven Stories About The MoonSeven Stories about the Moon

and 100 Other Science Poems

Edited by Pendred Noyce, Edited by Katie Coppens

Ages 12+





ISBN: 9781943431335


An unlikely pairing—science and poetry—join forces in this beautiful, instructive collection

A collection of poems that illuminates the practice and findings of science, how scientists think and work, and how humans respond to what they learn with the tools of science. With a variety of poetic forms from ancient to modern and broad coverage of science topics, this book offers a wide range of opportunities for students to appreciate, analyze, and respond to these poems with creative work of their own. Online resources are available to support the book at


Author Biography

Penny (Pendred) Noyce is the author of 12 books for young people, a retired doctor, and advocate for STEM education. Katie Coppens is a sixth-grade teacher and author of Geology Is A Piece of Cake and a book on creative writing in the science classroom. For this project, they brought together an editorial team of teachers, poets, and students to gather over 80 exciting science poems.