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Seeking The Snow Leopard (Hardcover Book)


Product Description

Seeking the Snow LeopardSeeking the Snow Leopard

By Jon Miceler

The true story of a successful expedition to trap and collar a snow leopard

Stunning photographs illustrate this first-hand account of an expedition to trap and collar an elusive and endangered snow leopard. This hopeful book will introduce young readers to the culture and ecology of the eastern Himalayas.

AGES 9-12


48 PAGES, 11 X 9


CLOTH, $18.95 (US $18.95) (CA $22.95)


ISBN 9781943431168


See Jon’s video intro to this book on Youtube below!

NOTE: This book was developed in partnership with the World Wildlife Fund.  Royalties from this book will go to the WWF and its many programs to save endangered species such as the Himalayan Snow Leopard. 

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Jon Miceler is the Eastern Himalayan Director for the World Wildlife Fund. He has explored mountain terrain all over the world, and he is an expert on the cultures and animals of the Himalayan region. The WWF has partnered with Tumblehome Learning on “Seeking the Snow Leopard.”





Sample Pages From the Book:

Page 9 Snow Leopard Book

Page 20 Snow Leopard Book

Page 23 Snow Leopard Book