Lost in Tangrams Superpack (Pack of 4 Different Colors in One Set, With Instructions)

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THL’s Lost in Tangram Superpack contains 4 different colors x 7 colorful, two-dimensional geometric pieces  (28 play pieces in total!) that can be used to complete hundreds of puzzle shapes. Legend has it that a worker in ceramics, Mr. Tan, was asked to make a beautiful square tile for the Emperor. While carrying the tile to the palace, Mr. Tan tripped and dropped it on the stones, where it shattered into seven perfect geometric pieces. Heartbroken and afraid, Mr. Tan delivered the shards to the Emperor. He expected punishment, but instead the Emperor found hours of delight in trying to reassemble the original square.

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Product Description

Tantalizing Tangram Fun!Tangram puzzles teach kids about geometry and spatial relations, and they range from simple to very challenging. Moreover, the puzzles help kids learn to think flexibly. Skill at moving and visualizing shapes has been shown to correlate with higher performance in subjects like math and engineering.

Get 4 different colors: red, yellow, blue and green in your pack of Lost in Tangrams! (green, blue and yellow tangrams pictured below for marketing photograph purposes only)  With so many colors, your child can play with siblings, friends, and even mommy and daddy!  Or your child can invent all new multicolored tangram shapes!


Lost in Tangrams

Lost in Tangrams are a simple and fun activity that can be shared among friends and family members. A small starter guide is included with your Lost in Tangrams box, but be sure to try and invent your own shapes – the possibilities are limitless.



PRODUCT CONTENTS: 28 play pieces (4 colored sets, with 7 pieces per set), instructions  packaged in plastic ziplock bags – may not be safe for very young children