Not Going to the Boston Marathon Today? Come to the Cambridge Science Festival Book Fair!

Date: April 15th, 11AM-3PM
First Parish Church, 3 Church Street, Cambridge

Tumblehome Learning partners with the Cambridge Science Festival to celebrate science writers and science writing with award-winning authors & journalists.

· George M. Church
Professor, Harvard
Medical School
· Penny Chisholm
Professor, MIT
· Amy Dockser Marcus
Reporter, Wall Street
· Ben Carey
Reporter, New York Times
· Gary Braver
Professor, Northeastern
· Michael Erb
Rutgers University
· Maria Sosa
American Association for
the Advancement of
· Sidney Perkowitz
Professor, Emory
University, GA
· Debbie Chachra
Professor, Olin College
· Tasneem Zehra Husain
Theoretical Physicist
· Penny Noyce
Physician, Author,
Tumblehome Learning
· Barnas Monteith
Scientist, Author,
Tumblehome Learning

Fun for the whole family!

· Children can have fun with science games, activities & picture book read-alouds.

· Middle school & high school students can learn about science fairs.

· Take home a free Earth and Space science book.

· On-going Augmented Reality (AR) demonstrations.

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