Make Your Own Watershed Moment: Ten Local Organizations that are Looking Out for Our Rivers, and a Way to Find One Near You


Nashua River, May 2013 Photo credit: stcampbell

Cleaning the river doesn’t just mean removing the polluters and taking pollution out of the water, it means restoring the ecosystems in the surrounding area as well – the watershed. The watershed  includes all the land area through which water flows and drains to the lowest point, in a stream, river, lake or estuary.

Here are just a few of the organizations across the nation devoted to keeping our waterways and their surrounding environments clean:

To find out about rivers in your region, go to American Rivers to see if there are threatened waterways in your area and learn how you can help.

Generations to come will benefit from how we care for our rivers now, and part of that process is getting kids interested in the beauty and science of rivers. In Tumblehome Learning‘s mystery, Something Stinks!, 7th grader Emily Sanders investigates the pollution behind fish kills that wash up on her Uncle’s farm. In the process she and her friends learn about the science of rivers and how one person can really make a difference. It’s a good fun read for all ages!


Canoeing Laurel Cove Photo credit: stcampbell

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