Launching Tumblehome Learning

Tumblehome Learning sprang from a series of conversations among four friends in the spring and summer of 2011. All of us love science and have been looking for a way to share that love and excitement with kids. We are passionate about books, hands-on experiences, and the thrill that comes from independent discovery as exemplified in science projects and science fairs. We brainstormed ways to marry these passions, and Tumblehome Learning sprang to life.

From the first, we have sought to be a different kind of company, flexible and democratic, where each member can contribute both creative and business expertise. We planned from the outset to be international in scope, releasing our first products simultaneously in Asia and the United States, with Europe to follow soon after. Our current offices are located in Boston, Minneapolis, and Taipei, with constant communication among them to keep our vision unified.

Publishing is a famously slow business, but we’ve moved fast. An Advance Reader Copy of our first book, the initial title in our elementary Galactic Academy of Science series, will enter production this month in both English and Chinese. A science kit to accompany that first book, The Desperate Case of the Diamond Chip, will be ready in February.

For 2012, we have six titles lined up, including three mysteries, two biographies, and a graphic novel about travel to Venus. Hands-on, at-home activities supported by print and online video instructions, will enrich each book. We are also researching the best foreign science-based children’s books. In 2013, we expect that half of our twelve new titles will be foreign acquisitions.

Tumblehome Learning’s public launch in Asia will come at the Taipei International Book Festival, February 1-6, 2012. Our US launch will come at the USA Science and Engineering Festival Book Fair in Washington, DC, April 28-29, 2012. For the four founders and all the people joining us to make Tumblehome Learning come alive, this has been an energizing adventure. We can’t wait to get our materials out there for kids to experience and enjoy.

With our materials, kids can step outside of the formal classroom environment to imagine themselves as explorers, scientists, and engineers. We will invite them to visit the long-lost oceans and jungles of earth’s geologic history, to inspect robot-run manufacturing facilities of a modern electronics clean room, and to navigate the poisonous atmosphere of a hostile and melting planet. Adventure awaits!

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