Jobs at Tumblehome

Boston, MA

Direct Sales, Base salary + commission [2 positions open]

THL is expanding its product lines rapidly and we are looking for entrepreneurial and fun people to join our sales team. Two positions are currently available within our sales division for direct sales to gift stores, nature and science stores and other retail markets. This position would be focused initially on THL’s (as well as THL partner) book and kit products, but could later expand to include THL software. In addition, we are looking for individuals who can help establish new markets in the after school enrichment market and home playdates/homeschool market as well. THL is looking for veteran, experienced sales personnel with a track record of success bringing in six-figure deals with major retailers, but is not afraid to make calls to individual smaller stores and after school groups as well. The ideal candidate would have some experience in the educational publishing or educational toy market, as well as a genuine interest in science & engineering. He or she should have an energetic and outgoing personality, since THL’s products are exciting, and adventurous, and focused on children’s learning.

We are offering a competitive base salary, commensurate with experience, and a strong commission program with residuals.


  • Minimum 5 years experience in sales, with a proven track record of success
  • BA or BS preferred, from accredited US college/university
  • Must have great writing skills to be able to generate sales followup letters, using Word and Excel
  • Must be able to present progress at regular sales meetings using Powerpoint
  • Must be familiar with CRM software such as, or other customer interaction software, and familiarity with how to establish
  • Must have references

Contact: Please apply directly to and include “THL Jobs: Sales” in the subject line. Please include a resume and references.


Taipei, Taiwan Office

Freelance Translator (German -> Chinese) [2 positions open]

Our Taipei office is currently looking for a freelance translator to translate from German into Chinese to support us in the translation of science adventure stories for children.


  • Proof of independent self-employment and/or all required tax documentation
  • Minimum translation of 10,000 words per week
  • Access to working Internet connection
  • Willingness to take a translation test
  • Reliable, independent, detail-oriented
  • Experience in translating texts from English into the languages you applied for

Contact: Please apply directly to and include “THL Jobs: Translator” in the subject line.


Boston, MA

Marketing Intern

Our Boston office offers unpaid marketing internships throughout the year.

Job Description:

  • Seed and monitor social media to support PR objectives
  • Write content for several internal and external newsletters and collateral
  • Track and update website content


  • Your school, Marketing Department or Career Services office must be able to offer academic credit for real-world professional marketing experience – (eg: “independent study” or something similar)
  • Successful completion of at least your sophomore year
  • As with any internship, flexibility and enthusiasm in taking on new tasks and challenges
  • Some experience in website management is preferred
  • Excellent listening and writing skills with a careful attention to detail

Other Details:

  • Pay: $0 – you will receive academic credit for successfully completing your internship
  • Schedule: 2 or 3 days per week with a flexible work schedule of 12 – 20 hours / week

Contact: Please apply directly to and include “THL Jobs: Internship” in the subject line.

Boston, MA

Manager, Design & Social Media

This position manages all of THL’s social media and print media for day to day business needs, as well as certain special events such as conferences, expos and educational workshops/seminars/fairs. This position is responsible for, and reports to both the marketing as well as production/product development departments. As needed for specific marketing related projects and/or video-based social marketing, this position also involves development of online audio, video and occasionally specialty software media (i.e. mobile smartphone/tablet apps, and/or interactive/augmented/virtual reality applications for desktop and laptop computers). This person must occasionally work with THL partners to communicate joint media requirements , as well as artists, vendors and outside contractors and therefore must possess excellent interpersonal skills. Our preferred style of art in all THL Publications is Asian-Manga/Anime style art, and as such we partner very closely with Asian organizations and partners (in addition to the North American market, our books are licensed and sold in Asia, currently in Korean and Chinese languages); our ideal designer will be familiar with this style and proficient in designing materials for us, in this style. As a lead designer, this role will also be responsible for tracking and maintaining licenses for THL, to assure all clipart, fonts and other copyrighted materials are properly licensed and that we have media releases/rights to all media that THL releases. This position currently reports to the VP of Marketing and VP of Product Development. This position may have flexible hours as long as a minimum of full time hours are met each week. This position may be partly performed partly via a virtual office, as long as the employee provides his/her own reliable Internet connection and computer. On-site / in-person duties will also be required. This employee will be required to file weekly reports of activities, attend one general weekly staff meeting, and other meetings in-person or by video/audioconference as required by his/her direct manager/s.

This position will also interact with our Taiwan-based sister company Tsang Bao Jia (which serves as THL’s primary production coordination office in addition to a local representation office for regional foreign rights negotiations as well as a sales office for domestic Chinese language and bilingual THL products) and will assist when possible in promoting and developing materials for our Asian publications and business partners. THL’s goal is to expand our Chinese Mandarin language publication, kit an software offerings in coming years. Knowledge of Mandarin Chinese is a plus.

Specific tasks include, but are not limited to:

  • designing and producing high resolution graphics to support THL’s print brochures and collateral, and online marketing projects,; print graphic and layout support for THL’s product packaging, instructions and specific product lines, as determined by management
  • developing media rich blog and vlog posts on THL’s website, as well as partner sites; maintaining certain dynamic portions of THL related sites as needed
  • development of support materials for conferences, workshops/seminars, science fairs, book fairs and other THL sponsored or related events
  • creating and maintaining THL’s twitter account
  • maintaining THL’s Facebook account with rich media
  • creating and maintaining new social media accounts in the US and other countries as needed
  • filming internal staff, children and special events for teacher/mentor tranining, kit activity instructions, and regular Vimeo and Youtube posts
  • hiring and/or working with artists, web support contractors and other types of vendors, as needed; in some cases, THL and TBJ artists are located in Asia and speak predominantly Chinese
  • assisting the development of new software/apps, such as THL’s new augmented reality and enhanced e-reader/interactive storygame applications
  • media support for grants, investor powerpoints and materials for other special funding sources
  • development of materials for special Kickstarter and other crowdfunding sites, for special product development projects
  • support with logo creation, 3D modeling (i.e. Google Sketchup models or other 3D manipulation software) needs and e-publication conversion as needed

Min Requirements: B.S., Masters or MFA in related fields of publishing, design, social media, or other related communications and/or marketing fields, with proven experience in required software packages. In-depth knowledge of Adobe Photoshop, Indesign, Illustrator and other major design and publishing software is required. Knowledge of MS Office, e-mail programs, skype/videoconferencing, virtual servers and other basic office productivity software is required. Experience with social media sites, blog software (specifically WordPress) and website development programming languages as well as ability to learn new languages and software packages is required. Familiarity with app development and augmented/virtual reality programming is a plus. Familiarity with video and audio production manipulation techniques and related major software packages is a plus. Knowledge of Mandarin Chinese is a plus, to facilitate communications with our production office in Taiwan.

Contact: Please apply directly to and include “THL Jobs: Social Media Marketing” in the subject line.