It’s the Ultimate Cute Animal Day – Take the THL Pet Quiz!


In honor of National Pet Day, we offer you the Tumblehome Pet Quiz. Scroll down for answers.

1. Which of the following purebred dogs is not among the five most popular in the U.S.?

  • A. Yorkshire terrier
  • B. Golden retriever
  • C. Beagle
  • D. Standard poodle

2. Cats and dogs are the most commonly owned pets: 37-46% of U.S. households have dogs and 30-39% have cats.  That’s 70-78 million dogs and 74-86 million cats (there are more cats overall because people tend to own more than one cat more often than they own more than one dog). The American Humane Association also estimates that there is a large population of feral or community cats out there. How many of them do you think there are?

  • A. 12 million
  • B. 32 million
  • C. 50 million
  • D. 75 million
Bo, the First Pet

Official White House portrait of the First Pet, Bo

3. When President Obama won the 2008 election, he promised his daughters they could get a dog to live with them in the White House. The new First Pet, named Bo, – a gift from the late Senator Ted Kennedy – was a distinctive breed. What kind of dog is Bo?

  • A. Newfoundland
  • B. Bernese Mountain Dog
  • C. Portuguese Water Dog
  • D. Tibetan Mastiff

4. Meanwhile, cats seem to have taken over the Internet. People post more pictures of cats than they do selfies, and that’s saying something. What is the name of the most famous cat on the Internet?

  • A. Maru, the cat who likes to stuff himself into small boxes
  • B. Attila the Fluff
  • C. Grumpy Cat
  • D. Fatso (aka the Keyboard Cat)

5. We all think of cats and dogs as domesticated (animals that live well with people, can be bred in captivity, have a flexible diet and have a life span that fits well with humans’ ability to care for them). Exotic pets are those that fall outside of the standard categories – anything that isn’t a cat, dog, fish, bird or horse can be called exotic. Which of these exotic pets was the most popular in 2012?

  • A. Rabbits
  • B. Guinea pigs
  • C. Ferrets
  • D. Turtles

6. Many states have laws banning certain animals from being kept as pets – sometimes they are called exotic, sometimes “live game.” Which of the following pet laws is NOT real?

  • A. Maine prohibits keeping a turkey as a pet.
  • B. Alaska allows you to keep any animal not imported from another habitat as a pet.
  • C. Mississippi will allow you to keep an ocelot as long as you have a permit.
  • D. Oklahoma has no animal restrictions and allows you to own any kind of animal – with a permit.

7. True or false? Only hairless or very shorthaired dogs and cats are hypoallergenic.



1. D. Standard poodle. While considered one of the most hypoallergenic breeds, the poodle still lags in popularity behind its hairier counterparts. In general, demand for purebred dogs has declined in recent years, with mixed-breed “designer dogs” like the Labradoodle, Yorkiepoo, and the Cocker Pug gaining popularity.

2. C. 50 million. That’s a lot of wild cats.

3. C. Portuguese Water dog. Known for their strength and loyalty, these working dogs are good with children and known to get along well with other dogs, which is probably a good idea if it’s going to live in the White House. In 2013 the Obamas adopted a second dog of the same breed and named her Sunny.

Grumpy Cat

Grumpy Cat

4. C. Grumpy cat.  Most famous does not mean the most popular, though. Depending on which list you consult, any one of these cats could take the top spot at any time. Being an Internet cat is serious business – at least three of these cats have agents and grumpy cat has a movie deal in the works.

5. A. Rabbits. Rabbits can be a little like cats – they can be litter box trained, they purr when they feel content, they can be indoor-only pets, and they often like to sit near you rather than be held on your lap.

6. B. Alaska’s live game pet laws are actually more restrictive than those of many states. They prohibit the possession, sale, import, export or any live game animal (including feral domestic animals, like cats). If you’re thinking about adopting an exotic pet, check your local laws first.

7. False. Skin and saliva proteins can trigger allergies in addition to hair and dander so even some very shorthaired pets can trigger allergies in those who are sensitive. The only pets that are proven to be hypoallergenic are those with scaly skin – yep, reptiles. Still there are some breeds that seem to be less prone to trigger allergies in some people, including: Bichon Frises, Devon Rex cats, Irish Water Spaniels, Poodles, and Schnauzers.

For those of us with serious allergies and little desire to own a live reptile, our best option might be to turn to our THL excavation kids and dig up our own menagerie of dinosaurs!



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