DIY: Constellation Jar Light

In honor of THL’s newest release, Elizabeth’s Constellation Quilt, we decided to do a constellation-inspired craft that is perfect for nighttime. Using a few objects found around the house, you can make this fun night light at home.



What you’ll need:

- a wide mouth jar – It needs to be wide enough to fit the small click light inside. A pickle jar works perfectly.

- a disposable, aluminum cake pan

- small LED click light

- an awl

- scissors



  1. First, cut a strip of the cake pan to fit the height and circumference of the jar. Use a spoon to smooth it out as much as you can.




  1. Use the awl to poke holes into the the pan. I used a printable constellation map and laid it over the strip, poking holes through the stars in both sheets. This way I could be as accurate as possible.


  1. Place the small light in the jar.



  1. Then insert the foil. You can connect the two ends of the foil by cutting two small strips and folding them over one another.




  1. You can decorate or paint the lid, if you so desire. Otherwise, you are finished!



Enjoy the sparkling light in the darkness as the constellations project on your wall.

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