Getting Started on Your Book Club? Ten Great Science Books for Grades 3-5

SONY DSCHave you started your Science Book and Activity Club yet? You can learn how to start your club and become eligible for free books, poster and cash prizes worth $1500 on our book club page – don’t miss out! Here are a few of the books THL suggests for kids in grades 3-5. You can see the full list and suggestions for grades 4-7 on our suggested book list.

UnknownA Place for Turtles. Melissa Stewart. Peachtree Publishers. 32 pages. $16.95
ISBN 978-1561456932
Turtles from all over, the different ecosystems that support them, and ways people can help. A blend of story and fact.

Cougar: A Cat with Many NamesStephen Person. Bearport Publishing. 32pp. $19.95
Library ISBN 978-1-61772-569-2
The cougar story: their habitats, predation, child-rearing, and territoriality, presented through narrative and photographs, creates an awareness of these wild animals and their necessary adaptations to humans impinging on their natural environments. Includes Cougar Facts and a “People Helping Cougars” section.

A Dragonfly’s LifeEllen Lawrence. Bearport Publishing. 24pp. (K-5)  $17.95
Library ISBN 978-1-61772-594-4.
Written in the style of a student’s journal, with dated entries from June 1 to September 30, and including observations and illustrations, this book documents a dragonfly’s metamorphosis in a most engaging way.
Includes a suggested science lab.

Giant Pacific Octopus: The World’s Largest OctopusLeon Gray. Bearport Publishing. 24pp. $17.95
Library ISBN 978-1-61772-730-6
Through detailed photographs and surprising facts, learn how the world’s largest octopus hides from enemies, hunts for food, and squirts ink in self-defense.

Handle with Care: an Unusual Butterfly Journey. Aubrey Smith. Millbrook Pr. Trade. 32 pp. $29.26
ISBN 978-0761393429
A blue morpho butterfly makes the journey from a pupa in a Costa Rica greenhouse to the butterfly garden at the Boston Museum of Science. Would be great to pair with a butterfly field trip. 

Here Come the Humpbacks! April Pulley Sayre. Illustrated by Jamie Hogan. Charlesbridge. 40pp. $17.99.
ISBN 978-1-58089-405-0
As you follow the humpback whales from winter childbirth in the Caribbean to summering in the northern Atlantic, the whales will “sing” their adventurous migration. Teachers or parents can help students with informational sidebars.

Unknown-1How to Build a Robot (With Your Dad). Ellen Lawrence. Michael O’Mara. 168 pages. $19.99
ISBN 978-1-84317878
Moms welcome too.  Twenty robot projects to make with everyday or cheap materials. Robot suits and jet packs, edible robots, grow-their-own-hair robots, and more.

Lives of Scientists: Experiments, Explosions (and What the Neighbors Thought). Kathleen Krull. Illustrated by Kathryn Hewitt. Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. 96pp. $20.99.
ISBN 978-0-15205-909-5
The lives of world-changing scientists come to life through this collection of short biographies. From Albert Einstein to Jane Goodall, the author shares intriguing details about twelve amazing science pioneers.

Meat-Eating Plants: Toothless WondersEllen Lawrence. Bearport Publishing. 24pp. $17.95
ISBN 978-1-61772-589-0
Stunning detailed photographs and easy to read text capture you directly inside meat-eating plants. Maps include locations where they arefound. There are also Picture ScienceWords and a recommended science lab investigation.

Next Time You See a Pill Bug. Emily Morgan. NSTA Kids, an Imprint of NSTA Press. (K-5) 32pp. $9.95
ISBN 978-1-936959-17-4
Wonderful closeup photographs of the pill bug, its habitat, and the curious kids observing them. Descriptions are clear and informative. Activities for kids.

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