Hands-on @ Heart

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At Tumblehome Learning, we believe that hands-on, often called “inquiry based”, learning is the key to reinforcing knowledge in science & engineering, while offering some active fun not normally experienced…

Are Diamond Chips Real?

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With the upcoming THL release of Penny Noyce’s “The Desperate Case of the Diamond Chip,” we’ve been hearing questions from people who wonder if diamond semiconductors are just science fiction…

Boys and Science; Girls and Reading

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Worldwide, boys lag behind girls in reading. The 2009 PISA exams show that among 15-year-olds, boys’ reading scores trail behind girls’ in all 65 countries tested. The average score difference…

Solar Lithography

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A simple experiment to demonstrate the power of sunlight. What you’ll need: 1 sheet of paper a pair of scissors a small piece of glass light sensitive paper Instructions: Draw…

Launching Tumblehome Learning

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Tumblehome Learning sprang from a series of conversations among four friends in the spring and summer of 2011. All of us love science and have been looking for a way…

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