Backyard Wild Life Photo Essay: Fox Family


We saw foxes last year and they are back again – a new generation. ┬áJust behind our house is a den that hosts a family of seven: Mother, Father, and five fox kits. Here are a few of the moments we’ve witnessed over the past couple of weeks:

SONY DSCOn one of the first warm mornings of spring, mother fox nurses her kits in the sun.

SONY DSCThe kits play near the den’s entrance when their parents are out of sight.

SONY DSCThey bother each other…

SONY DSC…but stick together.


SONY DSCWhen they rest in the sun, one always keeps watch.

SONY DSCAs they get grow, they stalk prey, real and imagined.

SONY DSCWhen they hunt they look like cats, but sometimes they act more like puppies.

SONY DSCFather fox just after he dropped a large squirrel at the base of the tree.

SONY DSCThe kits learn fast – the next evening, they caught their own dinner (looks like a vole).


And they walk toward the camera a little bit more every day – but don’t worry, it’s a zoom lens and they’re still plenty far away. We have to remind ourselves how important it is to give wild things plenty of space, even if they do look like they want to cuddle!

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