THL Mission & Philosophy

THL's Founding TeamAt THL our core founders and key staff are from the non-profit world of education, and we’ve all got applied science backgrounds. From formal government education committees to science fair administration to running curriculum development at one of the world’s largest child-focused science museums, each member of our management team has been working in the field of student STEM enrichment for decades. We understand what works and what doesn’t in the world of formal education, and most importantly what’s missing — FUN!

People said we were crazy to start a press… So we started one anyway, but we call it a ‘non traditional, transmedia publishing company’. In a nutshell, that means we don’t focus just on books, but on a reader’s whole experience. This can include hands on projects, mind-challenging video games (as opposed to reflex-challenging), well-thought-out board or card games and other activities that require a critical thinking process.

At THL, we believe in the power of free-choice learning. We founded THL with the simple mission of making STEM learning an enjoyable adventure, without the stress of constant testing and school district accountability – to give kids freedom to learn when and how they choose. We give them multiple incentives to want to learn outside of the classroom and multiple pathways to achieve their personal learning goals.

Whether just for fun, or for after school programs, in-school STEM enrichment, or homeschooling, THL materials provide an alternative method to get kids engaged and excited. We embed science and historical context of the discovery/invention process into kid-friendly storylines, and we supplement those with toys, activity kits and games. When you think back to your own experiences growing up, textbooks and testing makes you want to study just what you need to do well. But when you watch a movie, read a book, or play a video or board game, you get to choose how you are entertained, and you have the freedom to watch, read or play as much or as little as you want. The more fun and engaging it is, the more you want to do that activity. Freedom of choice triggers a desire for mastery. That is precisely the model we’d like to see happen in the world of STEM!

We are funded by a group of forward-looking investors who all care about the future of science discovery and who want to effect real change in the world of education. We pour our proceeds into impact research and new product development to make sure we have child-, teacher- and parent-tested products that are both fun and genuinely educational. At THL, we want students to open their minds to the endless possibilities of the natural and man-made world, and to pursue their dreams with integrity in a way that respects the variety of the world’s cultures and other differences,

At THL we truly believe a new discovery awaits every day…